Crystal gems

AND STEVEN!   Quick pencil sketches of the main characters from the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe.  Found out they're having open calls for storyboard artists, and seeing as how I already love the show, I figured i'd give it a shot!  *fingers crossed*

Children's book covers

Been working on children's literature for the last 6 or 7 months.  Here's some previews!

Malcolm X portrait X speedpaint

been doing a series of these for a while, this one came out extra nice though. X

Epic Armor set!

High tier armor set for the Black Rose (Steampunk Assassins) faction in Chronicles of Herenvale


Inspired by .... THE FUTURE!.........or halo...whatever


Manly On

Lion Man = Man Lion = ManLion = MANLION = MANLI ON = MANLY ON

i do math

Goats are Awesome

Goats are awesome.

there is nothing more to say.

except that goats are awesome.

That will be all thanks.

Sketchy Sketchy

I sketch a lot. I mean. A lot a lot. here's some more from my scanning bonanza. This stuff is a bit more recent.