Sunday, January 10, 2010


alright, this guy i did after just doodling around in painter. I took some effects brushes and started messing around on a canvas i had put a ton of weird colors in. After about 5 minutes of that I saw the shape of his head, and i never looked back....just kept on going until i had this guy....Since i don't really have a concept, i suppose I'm gonna go ahead and call him....Terrence Bartholomew Smithington

Sometimes you gotta choke a mofo...

I've been at this black and white sketching for quite some time, and I'm really starting to like what I can come up with in a very short amount of time. Adding color to these suckers always seems to lower the raw liveliness that the sketchy black and white versions get. Maybe I'll try just adding a couple shades of grey to see how if it'll pop them out a bit more.