Tuesday, August 24, 2010




We only had a team of 6, and tried to do it in 3 months...needless to say, it was an ambitious project... Here's the trailer that we put together of finished footage, I did character animation, some compositing, and a lot of preproduction work on it like writing, storyboards, etc. The project is on HIATUS as of right now...but it's 9/10ths of the way complete, so its only a matter of time, until I get the time to finish out the last few sequences and put them together. Music is Returns a King - by Tyler Bates, from the 300 Soundtrack.

so...COMING SOON(tm)...

Teddy (ME) Wright
Nino Aguilar
Edgar Cardona
Dipesh Patel
Jordan Emerick
James Chea

this is an early rough for a short I'm doing alone. I need to smooth out the animations, and color it. I like the timing tho. Music is I'm so Green - by Can (thx spence)


This, is just for fun...and for funny, Did it in flash, music is from the Samurai Champloo Soundtrack...name is escaping me atm